FrankMatt Supermarkets

Customer Relationships

Our customers, either at personal, business or corporate level, always render an unbiased support which gives us the reason and strength to continue serving them in the best way. We embrace an understanding, friendly, flexible and professional approach in everything we do within the framework of legitimate business undertaking and ensure that our supermarket meets their needs and wants. We focus on our growth together with them through our leadership in value, quality and price.

Complaint Handling

We apply a ‘due diligence’ approach to all complaints with due regard to the needs and understanding of each one. We ensure that all issues are resolved within record time and uphold them in favour of our customers after interrogating the root cause.

Technology and Processes

We regularly test our capabilities through advancement in technology and processes so as to stay relevant in the competition.

Our Market

We continuously strive to identify suitable products and services for our customers while at the same time ensure that they are appropriate and easily understood.


We are committed to the highest standards of professionalism, pursuing innovation, deploying imagination, being open to new ideas and acting decisively and consistently. We are determined to deliver outstanding quality products so that our relationships with our customers will be intimate and long lasting.


We care for our staff and encourage openness, including their personal development. We further create opportunities based on their capabilities and performances. We even encourage creativity and champion teamwork and empowerment.

After sales Information

We monitor progress on the products that we provide to our customers and take action appropriately to the propositions that emerge and channel them in line with our customers’ expectations.

Strategic Change

We consider the impact of strategic change, whether driven internally or externally, upon our customers as a key influence upon how we deal with that change.