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Frankmatt Supermarket Ltd is a strong name in the market and there is no adverse publicity so far. The directors are people of repute and are respected in the local business circles. The Company prides a pool of experienced workers, who, unreservedly engage themselves daily in ensuring the business remains steadfast in its growth and profitability.
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Today, Frankmatt Supermarket is one of the leading Retail Superstores in Western region and is bracing for expansion beyond this territory, further into the untapped areas. But its origins can be traced back to a much more modest business, founded in the year 2009 in Busia and mainly engaged in the sale of shoes and clothing.

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During that period, Busia may not have been paved with vast chain of stores but the market was vibrant and welcoming due to the cross border trade that piled up on the Ugandan side of the divide because potential buyers would be seen traversing across the border in pursuit of suitable merchandise for resale yet they needed to fund their ventures into the interior if Kenya for a more lucrative undertaking.

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However, held confidence in penetrating rural and urban centers in a bullish way owing to limited financial opportunities that small traders in these towns would enjoy and that they were too small to justify maintaining significant trade. On the onset, major towns were flooded with medium stores and an attempt to penetrate into these areas would only yield undesired results given that the market share would remain insignificant. Thereafter, the Frankmatts became the regions formidable traders, albeit in the retail industry.

Frankmatt Supermarket Limited

Frankmatt Supermarket Limited, therefore, owns four chain of supermarkets that sell household commodities of all kinds and fulfilling to the medium and low end customer. It serves consumers’ needs on a self-service approach, hence the convenience of selecting items from a range of products in line with their shopping needs. The business was registered under the Companies Act of 2015 but had commenced its activities much earlier as a sole proprietorship. It later developed into a Prime Supermarket, especially in Mumias with a desire to keeping abreast with the ever changing sopping needs and patterns coupled with the public’s demand and sophistication that has changed with time. Frankmatt is arguably the leading store in Mumias, Nambale and Sabatia towns. In the meantime the store remains a formidable competitor in Busia. The stores are practical yet attractive, providing a friendly environment for potential middle class shoppers.